June 1

Week 13-Trapped(Revised)



Trapped is the word I use when I feel like I have no where else to go,


Trapped is how I feel when I walk through those doors everyday with my hopes

crushed and my head low,


Just another word that I use to express my feelings that I can not



when you hear that word what do you think of?

A prison? Maybe a cell?

When I hear that word, ” trapped” I think of  a pit,

that’s bottomless,

that I keep falling down,

that I’m just waiting for someone to come

and pull me out and tell me everything is gonna be ok,


Is how I feel each and everyday

May 30

Week #12- Douglas Anne Munson

Douglas Anne Munson



          So, where do I start? Well this week I decided to write about this woman, this woman’s name was Douglas Anne Munson but if you read her books you might know her by Mercedes Lambert. Douglas Anne Munson was borned in Crossville, Tennessee on February 17, 1948, but didn’t live there for long because she was a daugher of a newspaperman so they did move often. Douglas Anne Munson was named after her father in honor of his brother who died in World War II.

            How I found out about Douglas was a bit strange, let me explain a bit. So I saw this post online (which I’ll try to find and leave a link down below for you to read) where they were saying type in on google search bar “died on then put your birth date” then they would hypothetically be your past self which I’ll leave a link below giving more information about “past lives” if you were curious. So obviously I wanted to try so I typed in “Died on December 22, 2003” and I clicked the first link that popped up, and guess who popped up. Yes you guessed it, Douglas Anne Munson and here I am writing about her.

      Now that we talked about the beginning of her life I think we should talk about the ending of her life, don’t worry I’ll try not to make it too sad. So in 2001, Douglas discovered a lump in her breast. Douglas was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ll leave a link or two down below talking about breast cancer or how to check early signs of breast cancer at home. She had successfully fought breast cancer while writing El Niño in the late 1980s. Fearing the cancer had returned, Douglas returned to the United States to seek medical treatment in Connecticut. When the tests were conclusive, she was given six months to live. On December 22, 2003, Douglas Anne Munson died in a hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Past lives


May 18

Week #11- Why?


Big question mark Benjamin Reay via Compfight


Why is it okay for people to make fun of each other for entertainment,


Why does nobody see that you are suffering until it’s too late,


Why when you try to get help you get told just to ignore it,


Why do they think you can just ignore it,


Why don’t they try ignoring all the horrible things people do

to try to tear you apart,


Why can’t they see that their words DO hurt,


Why am I in this world?


May 10

Week 9- Shh


,                              School's Out For The Summer hjl via Compfight


they say when you let your thoughts start talking aloud,


you must be quiet, told where to sit and, how to think for 12 years,


you must follow by my rules by there are no others,


you must sit in nice and neat rows just like everyone else, for we are not teaching you to be different,


you must be put in competitions to find to find out who is the best for we treat them better the best,


we must make you feel trapped by telling you everyday how to think and how to feel,


we don’t care what’s going on in your life but just how your acting out,


we must ask less questions and take more actions to punish you,


we are older than you so you must treat us with respect, even if we don’t have any for you,


stop complaining they say when all I try to do is have an opinion,


for 12 years train to be a robot to only start the cycle over again

May 9

Week 8- My Marks

My Marks

     This week we are writing about digital footprint. A digital footprint is the information about a particular person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity, like social media. You could find me on a lot of places if you looked like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and etc. So always be careful on what you post and what you do online because those things are always there, even if you delete it, its still in the system.

May 6

Week 7- Traveling



     Up until this day I have never traveled outside of this Country. Itś not because I don’t want to but it’s more of I can’t. I have traveled outside of my state once to Nevada, but that was it. When I get older I would love to travel to the U.K or Germany. At this point I would just love to get out of where I have been living most of my life.

     I know it’s kinda of impossible to travel to every Country but, I would like to travel to some that don’t get many visitors, or maybe places that I didn’t know about until I go there. Another way I feel trapped is because I’m always in the same State and city. I never get out and go visit another place different. I think when I am old enough to move to a whole different place by myself I would want to live in California, most likely L.A.

     So this week I got to choose what I could write and I choose Traveling. Most people choose a topic they do everyday or just they do a lot. This week i choose something that I never do but make it my goal to do a lot later. Have you ever traveled out of your country, if so where?

May 2

Week 6- Trapped



Trapped is the word I use for when I feel like I have no where else to go,


Trapped is how I feel when I have to walk through those doors everyday with only my hopes crush and my head low,


Everyday I lose a part of me so people can feed off my happiness


I walk those halls feeling like I can only walk straight for if I don’t I get more weights chained down to me,


The only way to leave is to go through 5 more years of this torture,


Is how I feel everyday,

April 14

My Family -Week 5

My Family

      So this is kinda about my family, well more about my dad’s side. So my dad was born in Iraq, but then was mostly raised in Switzerland, then went to Syria where most of my family is trapped right now. As you may or may not know, Syria in currently in a war right now. For years we tried and tried to get them somewhere safe even if it isn’t in America, but somewhere where my aunt could get proper treatment. So nothing really much to say for my family, if you can even call it that.

April 5

Week 4- Racism in 2017.


Week 4- Racism in 2017.


Quite a while ago lots of different people would judge each other by the color of their skin or what race they were. Until one day a man, a strong powerful man spoke up to make sure that nobody would treat each other like how he was treated. His name was Martin Luther King Jr. It was not only Martin that stood up. Since then lots of things have gotten better, but there is still a horrible problem of Racism in the world especially United States. I do have a history of racism with me being half Asian, I would be bullied a lot and teased in school. I would be teased on the typical stereotypes and that horrible stuff. I honestly feel like ALL LIVES MATTER, and it should not matter the color of our skins or where we are from. I think Racism is a world problem and it will always be there but we could work together more to make it increase little by little.

January 17

Week 9- Show Off


Bereifte BirkeCreative Commons License Michael Geisler via Compfight

        So, this week we had to basically write about anything, so I decided to write about winter because winter is soon coming to an end. I put a question mark next to winter in the title because winter here usually isn’t like the typical winter. For the past 3 years here it has not snowed, if anything it’s more sunny. But lucky this winter it actually snowed! It was quite nice but of course if there is something good there is always something negative along with it. For the snow it was great and all but the snow was quite slippery and there were some accidents on the road. I would say I like winter because that’s when it is my birthday and, Christmas etc. Do you like winter?